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Where Are You Going for Thanksgiving?: Many Americans Will Skip Turkey, Hit Beach

New data from Switchfly reveals that those Americans not headed home for T-day will head en masse towards warmer weather and caipirinhas
Switchfly, Inc., the travel technology company powering travel search/booking and loyalty program engagement for the world’s most celebrated brands, today released data about the travel habits of those Americans who will forego family holidays and head overseas this holiday season. The data reveals that the overwhelming majority of those Americans traveling internationally for the holidays will be headed towards warmer climes.  (Personally, I’ll be headed for the mountains for a nice start to what I hope will be a great ski season).

At the top of the list is sunny Brazil, where American travelers will find average temperatures about 80 degrees Farenheit and almost 5,000 miles of coastline, compared with average temperatures in the US of 63 degrees (San Francisco), 54 degrees (New York), 52 degrees (Boston), 52 degrees (Denver) and 48 degrees (Chicago).
With the exception of one destination (England, #9), the rest of the top 10 are equally balmy and include the United States’ sunnier neighbors Mexico (#2), Dominican Republic (#3), Puerto Rico (#4) and the Bahamas (#6).
Average length of stay varied from 4-6 days – in keeping with people making the most of their Thanksgiving PTO:
Top International Thanksgiving Travel Destinations
                                        Average length of stay
1. Brazil                                       6.3 days
2. Mexico                                    5.2 days
3. Dominican Republic             5.5 days
4. Puerto Rico                            4.6 days
5. Aruba                                      5.2 days
6. Bahamas                                 4.6 days
7. Jamaica                                   5.4 days
8. Argentina                               4.0 days
9. England                                   6.3 days
10. Cayman Islands                   5.6 days
Why travel internationally at Thanksgiving?
“Apart from the obvious allure of warmer climes, travelers are likely to find excellent deals on international travel around the Thanksgiving holiday,” said Daniel Farrar, CEO of Switchfly.
“While domestic travel volume is very high, fewer people travel internationally, which means airlines rightly incentivize customers to fly abroad. Travelers should plan to fly on Thanksgiving morning to avoid the crushing masses at the airport the day before, and also avoid the Sunday following Thanksgiving. Those are two of the busiest traveling days of the entire year.”
As for those traveling to England for Thanksgiving – #9 most popular international Thanksgiving destination?
“Perhaps these are people with friends or family to visit who are taking advantage of the low fares,” said Farrar. “They probably aren’t traveling for the weather.”