The First two Steps Towards Fitness For Men And Women

Man and Woman Fitness

Fitness is big business. And, a big employer too. Millions of dollars are spent by people in order to achieve fitness. Thousands of fitness professionals guide others to attain fitness by espousing many different ways to achieve fitness. How effective are these? At least some of them must be good, we concede. We do not know […]

Fitness Forward Is The Best Training Gym In Downtown Bellevue

The Best Training Gym in Downtown Bellevue Fitness Forward

Fitness Forward Was Officially Named “Best Training Gym” In Downtown Bellevue Washington After Asking Fitness Professionals and Gym-Goers In A Web Opinion Poll.  ( — November 30, 2013) Bellevue, Washington – Fitness Forward Was Formally Named Best Training Gym in Downtown Bellevue. The result of a current internet based opinion poll through which respondents were asked to recognize […]

Check Out Camp Biche – Libby Pratt’s Original Luxury Fitness Boot Camp

Camp Biche

We recently were made aware of a “luxury fitness boot camp” called Camp Biche, located in southwestern France.  Camp Biche is the brainchild of Libby Pratt and described as “One of the 5 Best Fitness Boot Camps in the World by London Times Travel Magazine.  It is also known as a “fat camp” and it’s […]