How to Dress For Success


Trust good old Mark Twain to come with the best: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.” However, these days of unisex ideas and when CEOs arrive in faded jeans to interview sober-looking young people, you can’t really be sure about what dress constitutes success anymore. Going by tradition […]

Luxury Fashion Designer Yumi Kim

Yumi Kim Online Dress

Last spring I went to New York with my best friend for my birthday. We had a great time and she introduced me to a fabulous designer Yumi Kim. We visited Yumi Kim’s boutique and tried on a few things. I was a little hesitant to try things on but It was super fun and […]

Top 10 Fashion Tips For Clueless Men

Photo: becauseclothing Gone are the days when the word fashion had nothing to do with male of the species. With the advent of the word metrosexual came a plethora of fashion accessories for men. It seemed a little funny in the beginning but it came into its own in a short while. Now, it is […]

Front Row To Fashion Week

Fashion Week in New York City

Photo Credits: Fashion_Graphics Us ordinary people catch up on the happenings of Fashion Week each year from magazines and online articles. But for movie and music stars, it’s an absolute must to snag an invitation to the event. And if you’re not there, you might as well go crawl under a rock and retire. And […]

7 Fashion Tips for Women in Winter

Photo Credits: Gregg O’Connell Most women simply shudder when the cold season comes around. Not only does this mean chilly temperatures, it also means that the skin-baring, flattering, knee-high garments of summer have to retire to make room for  bulky sweaters, heavy material pants and otherwise confining clothing that has been happily stored away in […]

Taboo Topics in Fashion

Photo credits: ralph repo Aside from Lady Gaga in a meat dress and the mini-skirt in the 1960s, what could possibly be controversial about fashion? And in an industry where it occurs to people to make a dress out of meat, what could possibly be a taboo topic in fashion? Even in this flamboyant and […]

Red Is the Color of the Season, and You Can Wear It Again and Again!

Go Red For Women

by Melissa Waterson Red Is the Color of the Season, and You Can Wear It Again and Again! Christmas is fast approaching, and stores across the nation are gearing up to promote the very latest in holiday fashions and trends. Christmas is the perfect time of year to buy a red dress: red is the color […]

INTERMIX to Open New Fashion Space in Bellevue Square October 30th


According to a story at, INTERMIX will be opening their newest retail location at a luxury mall in Bellevue, Washington: Multi-brand fashion retailer, INTERMIX, has announced the Fall 2013 opening of its newest door: a 2,072-square-foot space in the luxury shopping center The Bellevue Collection in Bellevue, WA. Located at 575 Bellevue Square, among neighbors […]

What Are The Best Men’s Loafers in the World?

Berluti Andy Loafers

A short time ago, I wrote about being Fashionably Challenged and wanting to transform to Fashionably Chic.  Quite a leap for a guy who is comfortable in Levis, t-shirts and sneakers, shorts, tanks and flip flops.  But I’ve got to start somewhere – and the way I figure it, I should probably start from the […]

Can A Fashionably Challenged Geek Become Fashionably Chic? My Extreme Personal Makeover Continues While continuing my own Extreme Personal Makeover I am looking to dress better. Not just better, but with fashion and in current styles and correct fit.