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How to Dress For Success



Trust good old Mark Twain to come with the best: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.” However, these days of unisex ideas and when CEOs arrive in faded jeans to interview sober-looking young people, you can’t really be sure about what dress constitutes success anymore. Going by tradition still has an upper hand in many matters including official wear. Continue reading

Land Rover

Land Rover To Reveal New Age Of Discovery In New York

Land RoverLand Rover will reveal its design vision for a new family of premium leisure SUVs at the 2014 New York International Auto Show.
The Discovery Vision Concept car will showcase the essence of a future family of SUVs built on Land Rover’s key principles of emotive design, unrivalled capability and ultimate versatility, taken to new levels using new customer-focused advanced technologies.
Gerry McGovern, Design Director and Chief Creative Officer for Land Rover commented: 
“Discovery has been pivotal in helping to build the foundations of the Land Rover brand.  It is admired all over the world and loved by its strong customer base. We have created the Vision Concept to share the essence of Land Rover’s new age of Discovery and to debut a new, compelling, relevant design direction that connects on an emotional level with customers of today and tomorrow.”
Follow the excitement as the story continues to unfold over the next two weeks on Land Rover’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and join the conversation using #ReadyToDiscover.
Man and Woman Fitness

The First two Steps Towards Fitness For Men And Women

Man and Woman FitnessFitness is big business. And, a big employer too. Millions of dollars are spent by people in order to achieve fitness. Thousands of fitness professionals guide others to attain fitness by espousing many different ways to achieve fitness. How effective are these? At least some of them must be good, we concede. We do not know for sure but here is a two-step procedure, nothing complicated, to start with. Once get into the groove, we are sure you will graduate on to more complicated and effective exercises.

The First Step

Weight training should always start with barbells. Not only will the four exercises namely, deadlifts, bench presses, back squats and overhead presses give you enough strength to carry out your daily tasks but will prepare you for the fitness regime you Continue reading

Luxury Fashion Designer Yumi Kim

Last spring I went to New York with my best friend for my birthday. We had a great time and she introduced me to a fabulous designer Yumi Kim.

We visited Yumi Kim’s boutique and tried on a few things. I was a little hesitant to try things on but It was super fun and the staff was great at helping me put belts and shoes things together.

Yumi Kim Dresses


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Yumi Kim Online Dress

After I posted a few Instagram Photos I was surprised to have received a comment back from @YumiKim, freaking awesome! I love social media.

You can follow her on Instagram too @YumiKim

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If you are just learning about Yumi Kim, let me share with you a little about her…

Yumi Kim is New York-based luxury lifestyle brand featuring vintage-inspired dresses, jumpers, skirts and tops with an urban feminine mystique.

Since opening its flagship store in 2008, Yumi Kim has grown to become a household name amidst the young, fun, and savvy. A flower-child at heart, founder Kim Phan incorporates floral patterns into her chic designs in an effort to bring out the lightheartedness present in every woman.

No matter what the occasion, Yumi Kim strives to encourage the brilliance and vivacity that is intrinsic to every woman. We create styles that are feminine and flirty, blending those elements with a professional elegance that can carry a woman from day to night effortlessly.

I love the flowery style and her designs have been on my mind since spring is here! Check out Yumi Kim’s Online store —> Shop designer fashion from Yumi Kim – Click Here!


Bellevue Luxury Real Estate A New Day Real Estate

A New Day Real Estate logoIf you are looking to buy or sell luxury real estate in Bellevue Washington or on the Eastside of Lake Washington, you will want to call A New Day Real Estate.

The real estate business is not easy, especially when trying to build or buy a house, the process gets fierce and intense. Changing trends in real estate business has complicated the market in a sense that when you go into the business blindly, chances are; you will never find the good home you have always coveted. For people seeking to buy homes, it is always wise to find qualified real estate firms or agents to help go through the rigorous business. Going into the business on your own is so dangerous, since the process entails so many procedures and documentation, which require qualified personnel to deal with.

Hiring the exceptional services of a luxury real estate agent would be a great way to kick-start your journey to start-of-the-art home, a home that will leave happiness in your heart for decades to come. People who hire mediocre real estate agents suffer a lot of disappointment. Barely after a few months of staying in their new homes, regrets knock hard on their doors; they wish they had not approached the realty firm or the real estate agent they hired. Advisably, you need exceptional real estate agent when planning to buy a home or a house, something you can only find in the services of luxury real estate agent.

Time is a limited resource and need to be saved at all cost. With a luxury real estate agent, it becomes easy to free up some of your limited time to attend to other important matters. The agent can help handle most of the tasks involved in real estate business. For instance, when planning to buy a house, it is likely that you don’t understand step by step procedures of going through the venture. But with a luxury real estate agent, it is easy, as the agent can help you with important information and interpretation of various realty terms, which you obviously don’t understand.

Honesty, transparency, and competence are some of the things that you can be sure of when dealing with luxury real estate agent. Many real estate agents today lack ethical principles when dealing with their clients, something that makes luxury real estate agent unique and exceptional. Here, business is run professionally and in good faith. The aim is not extorting money clients, but to help them find good homes; homes that will provide conducive places for the entire family, with easy access to social amenities such as schools, hospital, and shopping centers.

Therefore, avoid disappointments and regrets and hire luxury real estate agent for a chance to get the good home you deserve.

A New Day Real Estate
14404 NE 31st Street Suite K105
Bellevue, WA 98007
(425) 409-9982

Top 10 Fashion Tips For Clueless Men

Photo: becauseclothing

Gone are the days when the word fashion had nothing to do with male of the species. With the advent of the word metrosexual came a plethora of fashion accessories for men. It seemed a little funny in the beginning but it came into its own in a short while. Now, it is serious business worldwide. You can no longer afford to be nonchalant primarily because ladies expect you to be fashionable. So, how do you go about being acceptable to the ladies but at the same time not overdo it? Haven’t a clue?  Let us get you up to date. Continue reading


Lamborghini increases worldwide sales for the third year in a row

LamborghiniAutomobili Lamborghini S.p.A. looks back on 2013 as a year with great importance for the brand, the products and the sales.
“In the year of our 50th anniversary, Lamborghini has delivered a very satisfying performance, confirming the strength of our product and commercial strategy”, said Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. “Even in its last year of production the Lamborghini Gallardo has shown strong sales, whereas the Aventador has beaten all records of V12 model sales in our history. The USA and China are our biggest single markets, the Middle East and Japan are very strong and Europe is in line with the trend in our market segment.”

With 129 dealers serving 46 countries, in 2013 worldwide deliveries to customers have been increased from 2,083 to 2,121 units. This development is outperforming the trend of the market in the super sports car segment.

Lamborghini is a global brand and sales distribution is well balanced among the three regions: EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) 34%, America 36% and Asia Pacific 30%.

Thanks to the Lamborghini Aventador, 2013 has been the most successful year of V12 model sales in the history of Lamborghini. 1,001 units have been delivered to customers (922 in 2012, +9%). Two and a half years after its market introduction the order bank for both, Coupé and Roadster version, still covers the next 12 months.

Although in its last year of production, the Lamborghini Gallardo confirms to be an evergreen super sports car with an excellent performance of 1,120 units sold in 2013 (1,161 in 2012). With a total of 14,022 units the Gallardo is by far the most-built Lamborghini ever.

In 2013 the company continued its path of sustainable development, enlarging its facilities and hiring 100 high qualified professionals in Sant’Agata Bolognese to sustain both, production demand and new projects, ending up with 1,029 employees by the end of the year.

Early in 2013 Lamborghini introduced the Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster, the ultimate open-air luxury super sports car, while the Gallardo Squadra Corse, presented at the end of the year, celebrated also the end of the Gallardo range with a best-in-class version, able to break many lap time records.
Limited edition one-offs like the Egoista, the Veneno and the Veneno Roadster were presented as an homage to the 50th anniversary of Automobili Lamborghini, alongside special anniversary editions of the Gallardo, the Aventador and the Aventador Roadster.
Celebrations for the 50th anniversary involved customers and fans with many events worldwide and the greatest reunion ever, held in May 2013 in Italy with more than 350 supercars, proving that the Lamborghini global community is stronger than ever.

Fashion Week in New York City

Front Row To Fashion Week

Fashion Week in New York CityPhoto Credits: Fashion_Graphics

Us ordinary people catch up on the happenings of Fashion Week each year from magazines and online articles. But for movie and music stars, it’s an absolute must to snag an invitation to the event. And if you’re not there, you might as well go crawl under a rock and retire.

And God forbid you don’t get either invited or paid to sit next to the runaway, the most prestigious areas at Fashion Week festivities. Let’s take a look at why it is so important to these famous faces to snag a seat on the Front Row of Fashion Week so they can bring home the designer gifts.

The Hierarchy of Fashion Week

If you’re just a normal fashion fan with knowing someone in the fashion industry, your chances for obtaining an invite to the event is slim to none. And there’s no ticket scalping for Fashion Week. The invitations, which are mailed out just weeks before the big show, are checked and matched with ID at the door.

Fashion Week in New York starts around Nov. 5, and each show comes with their own set of “unofficial” guest rules. For example, for the Bryant Park catwalk, the “A” section, or the front row section to the left of the catwalk, is full of VIPS, including the Vogue magazine editor-in-chief. Celebrities occupy the middle of the front row. Seats considered the worse are to the back end of the runway and are given to sponsors. However, you’re still “with it” if you’re seated here.

Extra Cash to Put in Their Designer Pocketbooks

Photo Credits: Money Strategies

Looking for a way to make more money with fashion? Consider becoming a famous music or on-screen star and spending the week sitting amongst the fashion elite at Fashion Week. It’s absolutely incredible how much these stars made by being present for Fashion Week and drinking cocktails with their Hollywood cohorts. Of course, the price paid out to these famous faces is always dependent on where they fall in the ranking of popularity.

For example, A-List star Rhianna earned about $100,000 just for showing her grill for cameras next to the runway. In close running was Beyonce, who took home $80,000 to $100,00 for her appearance. B-Listers were not so fortunate. Blake Lively got a $50,000 paycheck while Jared Leto brought in $25,000. As we go on down the line of rankings, those who fall lower on the list are either not paid, but their airfare to fly to the event is, or they are unpaid or uninvited altogether.

Controversy at Fashion Week

Fashion editor and critic Andre Leon Talley and hip hop music label founder Russell Simmons were in a heated argument when the festivities hit the circuit this fall. It seems that some people were saying that Simmons really didn’t have a place hob-knobbing with fashionistas at Fashion Week – many of whom have dedicated many years to the fashion industry. Still, this personal argument aside, Fashion Week 2013 was a major success in many different respects.

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7 Fashion Tips for Women in Winter

Photo Credits: Gregg O’Connell

Most women simply shudder when the cold season comes around. Not only does this mean chilly temperatures, it also means that the skin-baring, flattering, knee-high garments of summer have to retire to make room for  bulky sweaters, heavy material pants and otherwise confining clothing that has been happily stored away in boxes over the past several months. Still, for some, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it offers an opportunity to show off winter fashions.

Does winter mean that fashion has to go out the plastic-lined window? Not necessarily. Below are seven fashion tips for the winter season that shed new light on getting dressed for those below-freezing days. Learn what to look for when purchasing your winter clothing, or even how to carry over your summer garments and reuse them in the winter. Just because we now have to cover up does not mean that we still can’t radiate with style and flash.

Choosing the Right Coat

Coats and jackets are necessities for winter. When selecting one, current trends are for loose fitting coats – oversized silhouettes – because they’re able to keep women warm while still being fashionable. As for materials, this is up to your personal taste, but wool or fur are two popular choices.


Low Necks with Pizazz


Wintertime doesn’t mean that you have to retire the summer shirts. Find a way to recycle them. Scoop-neck shirts can be worn, but try adding a scarf to make sure your neck stays warm when you’re out and about or chilling with friends in a place that might not be too warm.

Tank Top Time

You can still wear those cute, lacy tank tops. Simply find a warm, button-up cardigan to place over them, and doll them up with a chain necklace with a dangling charm. Wearing layered clothing like this is a good idea because you never know what the temperature is going to be as you move from place to place.

Kick-It with Style

Boots are a necessity once that pesky snow hits the ground. When choosing pairs of winter boots, think functionality, but don’t forget to consider fashion. Boots don’t have to be clunky and awkward. Find some with fur, sleek material, heels, and silver accessories. Add warmth and style with knee-covering boots in black leather.

Hands-On Winter Fashion


We have to keep those digits warm in the winter, but we don’t necessarily have to  make our hands look like those of furry muppets. Opt for chic hand warming gloves with Thinsulate lining. This particular material will fend off cold temperatures but allow you to purchase gloves that look half-way human. Buy several pairs, matching them to jacket and boots for color-coordinating flair.

Winter’s Little Secret

The winter wardrobe, indeed, leaves a lot to the imagination as most every inch of our bodies are covered. But let’s take that one step further while still retaining our feminine side. It’s all about the material. Look for undergarments that are available in flannel and other warm coverings. As for coats for women, in 2013 and moving into 2014  oversized silhouettes are the most popular type of coat for women to wear.

Keep Your Head in the Game

Winter headgear is endless in possibilities. We can keep our noggins warm and toasty while looking fierce doing it. Cover your head in scarves, thick headbands and handkerchiefs, or look for a unique hat like a beret or colorful knit hat. Old Man Winter knows little to nothing about style and fashion. Show him a thing or to by beating his chilling temperatures in style!

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Taboo Topics in Fashion

Photo credits: ralph repo

Aside from Lady Gaga in a meat dress and the mini-skirt in the 1960s, what could possibly be controversial about fashion? And in an industry where it occurs to people to make a dress out of meat, what could possibly be a taboo topic in fashion? Even in this flamboyant and entertaining industry, there are limits. Here’s the breakdown of taboo fashion topics that people are talking about lately.

Too Thin


  • The use of extremely thin, and extremely young, women and men as runway and pictorial models raises concern. What is trying to be conveyed by these choices?

  • Israel and Spain have banned the use of too thin models in advertising and this trend is likely to expand.

  • These bans are hoping to discourage eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia in youth who wish to emulate these models.


Too Thick


  • Over 100 million women in the US are not served by the sizes that the reputed fashion industry provides.

  • Plus sized garments are rarely made by most of the fashion houses.

  • Some shops have claimed that they do not want their clothes to be worn by people who are not what the fashion industry considers the right body shape. Ouch, fashionistas, ouch.


Too Much


  • Most clothing cost a fraction of a penny to produce in large amounts. Is that what you paid?

  • Hand made, truly one of a kind, haute couture clothing is quite expensive to create, but how many people wear that?

  • The markup on retail ready to wear clothing is often several thousand percent. That is a LOT.


Too Far


  • A global concern in the fashion industry is the source of fabrics and other construction materials.

  • When cutting costs and boosting profits, some fashion industry companies are guilty of sourcing materials from locations where workers are exploited, natural resources are plundered, and unpleasant despots are profited.

  • “Made in the USA” is good, but made from what?


Too Little


  • Low wages, unsafe conditions, and crippingling long shifts – now you’ve got yourself a  “sweatshop”!

  • Unless you see that tag that claims “Made in the USA”, you can be fairly certain that your clothing was manufactured under conditions which you would not be willing to work in.

  • The textile, garment, and accessory fashion industry is one of the most exploitative in the world.


Too Wrong


  • Leather and fur are on their way out of fashion for good.

  • More and more people cannot abide the thought that something DIED for such an unfathomably shallow reason.

  • Suitable on-trend substitutes absolutely exist nowadays.

  • Sustainability is of major concern to everyone, and there are only so many cute little critters that one can murder for fashion. Stop. Just stop.


Sew It Up


While it would seem like an industry that barely matters, all fluff and no fodder, the fashion world employs millions and earns billions. In a field that relies so heavily on public opinion, these taboo topics in fashion need to be talked about more often.  What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know below.

Written by: Sara Xiang buys feeder rats online because it saves her time and money. She has quite an interesting collection of reptiles. She is also a infographic artist.