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Fitness – One of the Three Pillars to a Well Designed Life –

Get the Best Deal on a Magellan Echo Running Watch

Magellan Echo Sports Watch

While many people will set New Year’s Fitness Resolutions this year, very few will take action to make them happen.

Get a FREE GIFT with purchase of the Magellan Echo Sports Watch that syncs with your phone!

Echo is the first running watch that utilizes smartphone fitness apps to their full potential by wirelessly connecting them to your wrist. With real-time fitness data streaming directly from your smartphone to the watch display and the ability to remotely control connected apps, Echo keeps you informed and in control during any run.

Echo is an extension of your smartphone, simultaneously displaying fitness data, notifications and achievements that display on your smartphone. Using Bluetooth Smart to wirelessly connect with smartphones, Echo shows elapsed time, distance and other fitness metrics at a glance. Echo gives you control over a variety of smartphone functions including start, stop or lap on your fitness app, and next song, play and pause on your music stream or playlist.

It’s the first smart watch designed for running with a ruggedized design and water-resistance that can withstand adverse conditions. When you’re not running, Echo is an everyday watch. A replaceable battery means there’s no charging. Echo is always ready to go.

Watch the Luxury Fitness Fun Spreecast Interview with Fitness Personality Maria Kang

Here is the video of our interview with Maria Kang, who has recently become known as the ‘Fit Mom’ who was temporarily banned from Facebook because of a photo she posted of herself posing in workout gear with her three young boys.

Maria was very kind and gracious and is super knowledgable about fitness and nutrition and we asked her about her experience with Eating Clean, her family’s nutrition and her recommendations for people who want to start eating healthier.

You can find about more about Maria on her website at or follow Maria Kang on Facebook.

Clean Eating and Nutrition Interview with Maria Kang

Maria Kang, aka Fit Mom, who was temporarily banned from Facebook for photo she posted with the question “What’s Your Excuse”?

I think that people misunderstood her intentions of the post. It was meant to inspire people. We are very inspired here at Luxury Fitness Fun. We can tell that she must be a clean eater and have seen her speak and blog about the importance of nutrition.

We reached out and will be interviewing her…

Monday December 9th, 2013 at 5pm PST.

>>>Click Here to RSVP and Watch the Interview LIVE<<<

Submit any questions you might have for her regarding eating clean, nutrition and her fitness routine.  What matters most is, how does she stay so fit with 3 little ones and run her own business? 

Maria Kang Whats Your Excuse

The Best Training Gym in Downtown Bellevue Fitness Forward

Fitness Forward Is The Best Training Gym In Downtown Bellevue

The Best Training Gym in Downtown Bellevue Fitness Forward

The Best Training Gym in Downtown Bellevue is Fitness Forward

Fitness Forward Was Officially Named “Best Training Gym” In Downtown Bellevue Washington After Asking Fitness Professionals and Gym-Goers In A Web Opinion Poll.

 ( — November 30, 2013) Bellevue, Washington – Fitness Forward Was Formally Named Best Training Gym in Downtown Bellevue.

The result of a current internet based opinion poll through which respondents were asked to recognize the Best Training Gym generated what some surely claim was a rather expected end result, fitness studio and group training gym Fitness Forward was picked over any other recognizable gym in Bellevue.

The opinion poll and subsequently, the naming of Best Training Gym in Downtown Bellevue was created and was immediately followed by a rigorous debate about just which gym in downtown Bellevue would ultimately be able to claim that title. In an effort to keep the survey fair to all residents, the poll was created on the web and the winner was selected by fitness professionals and gym-goers themselves.

After commencing the opinion poll, there was a intense competition for the distinction of Best Social Media Expert, but after the results were tallied, there was a clear and undisputed recipient of the sought after title.

After the opinion poll closed, Fitness Forward was established as the undisputed Best Training Gym in downtown Bellevue, Washington.  Folks surveyed about the poll seemed to have split responses to Fitness Forward’s making a claim of the precious title, varying from utter shock that one gym could be so amazing, to complete agreement over the selection fitness professionals and gym-goers had decided upon.

Fitness Forward was most likely established as Best Training Gym in Bellevue Washington by friends in large part attributed to the work Fitness Forward has done to help Bellevue and Medina clients to reach their fitness goals. As a results oriented fitness business and group training gym that focuses on clients’ fitness goals and personal needs through teaching and preaching the importance of both nutrition and exercise, claiming the official title was not surprising to a sizeable majority of those who participated.

After the final results were in, Fitness Forward owner and head trainer, Debbie Potts was quoted as saying “To be frank, I just didn’t even know that there was a survey being carried out at all. I’m impressed that many people are aware of Fitness Forward and the results we are able to help our training clients achieve!”

Debbie Potts was also overheard explaining “I work hard on my organization, and am truly ecstatic about the results our clients have achieved in 2013 and look forward to helping even more people achieve their fitness goals in 2014. Hearing that people here in downtown Bellevue have actually identified Fitness Forward as Best Training Gym isn’t just an honor, additionally it is a privilege. Thank you so much to all fitness professionals and gym-goers who took part in the online vote”.

Debbie Potts is available at Fitness Forward by phone at 425-590-9271.

Fitness Forward Studio

118 – 105th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004


It Will Blend: Avocado Seed Crushed by the Blendtec Total Blender

This is a fun little video where I blended up a fresh avocado seed (aka avocado pit) – just to see what would happen. I’ve actually added the seed of an avocado to my whole vegetable juices before, so I knew it would blend, but had never before tried an avocado seed by itself. As you can see in the video, it did blend.

In a future video, I will try a dried avocado seed (which I anticipate will blend up even easier) and I’ll be sure to post about the many benefits of eating avocado seeds – and how to prepare them.

If you have other suggestions of things I should blend up in the Blendtec Total Blender – please leave a comments and I’ll see what I can do. If you want to send me something to blend, send me an email JC(at) and I will forward you my mailing address.

Green Juicing Glass Bottles

Juicing “On The Go” – LifeFactory Glass 16 oz. Bottles Review

Green Juicing Glass BottlesI am always on the go and I am excited that I found these glass bottles that I can store my drinks in and take them with me. The hardest part for me is being prepared and now I found a solution. I think these bottles look really cool, don’t you think so?

I just found out about these bottles, they are made by a company called LifeFactory.  They come in different colors and you can get them on

Glass Water Bottle with Flip Cap & Silicone Sleeve, 16 oz, by Lifefactory

  • Flip top cap has a narrow mouth spout for easy on-the-go drinking, the wide mouth bottle makes it easy to add ice, citrus slices and tea bags
  • Silicone sleeve provides a great gripping surface and helps to prevent breakage
  • Bisphenol a (bpa), phthalate, pvc, polycarbonate-free and 100-percent non-toxic
  • Glass does not add a chemical or metal taste to your beverage
  • Dishwasher safe, easy to clean, bottle and sleeve can be put into the dishwasher together

What I found out in my research that Plastic bottles are not recommended, because of the chemicals from the plastic can get into your juices. 

I have been using mason jar’s at home but they are pretty big and difficult to hold while I am driving or traveling.

I am super excited to be extra prepared and have a few drinks ready to go. Of course you don’t want to store them for too long because juice is so fresh it will go bad pretty quickly. Make sure that once you open the juice, you can drink all of the juice in one sitting.

Try not to open and close the juice throughout the day, when the juice is exposed to air each time you open the bottle it causes degradation of the juice. Last but not least, when you fill your container, be sure to fill it to the brim, to minimize the amount of air inside the container.

Glass Juicing BottlesThey even have different colors, tops and spouts, straws etc…  I am getting these with the handles and ready to be rocking out with my juice in hand.

What type of bottles do you use? Have you used LifeFactory bottles before? 

Let me know in the comments below… 


November No Excuses

Getting a Head Start For Your Workout

November No ExcusesBy Melissa Waterson

Getting a Head Start For Your Workout

The holidays are approaching, and if you want to look your absolute best for all of those festive parties then it’s time to get up and get moving! Been a while since your last work out, or looking to get more out of your workout routine? Then it pays to get prepared. If you want to get the most out of your work out then you need to prepare your body nutritionally, and prepare your mind too. You won’t be able to push yourself hard during your workout routine if you aren’t able to focus and concentrate, and if you don’t have the right levels of energy. So what can you do to prepare for your work out? Well these simple tips will take no time at all to incorporate into your routine, and will stand you in good stead for enjoying the best workout you’ve ever had!

Ask the Doctor!

If you’ve never worked out before, or you’re returning to exercise after a long break then it’s best to get the all clear from your doctor before you begin. This is particularly important if you’ve recently had surgery, are currently pregnant or have recently had a baby. Your doctor will be able to check your current fitness levels and give you a full physical examination. He or she will also be able to talk to you about your anticipated workout routine and  offer some tips about the best and healthiest way to proceed.

Schedule Your Work Out

This may seem obvious, but one of the main reasons people stop working out, or fail to achieve their work out goals is simply because they don’t make the time to work out regularly. Schedule your workout, and ensure you make time to exercise as regularly as possible. Make fitting exercise into your day a priority: block out time in your calendar so that you have no excuse not to head to the gym and achieve your goals. By knowing when you are going to be working out in advance, you can also ensure your body is as prepared as possible to get the most out of your work out period. On the subject of planning, you should also plan what you want to do when you get to the gym and start your work out: is today a weights day or a cardio day? Is today the day for your yoga class? You’ll save vital time and be more motivated if you know what you’re planning to do in advance.

Eat and Drink the Right Things

You should never work out on an empty stomach, or you simply won’t have the energy you need to get through your workout routine. And if you’re hungry you won’t have any enthusiasm for exercise anyway! Try to have a healthy and balanced meal approximately an hour before you begin exercising. The perfect combination is a meal that consists of 20% lean protein (such as chicken or fish) 60% low glycemic carbohydrates, and 20% healthy fats. You could also consider a natural pre-exercise energy boost by consuming a workout specific energy drink prior to your workout, to give you a lift and an extra push as you begin your exercise routine. The right supplement will help to release energy throughout your workout. On the subject of fluids, ensure you drink plenty of water before and throughout your work out to ensure you stay as hydrated as possible. This will help to improve your concentration levels and keep you focused for the duration of your workout.

Focus Your Mind

Finally, some of the world’s most successful athletes maintain that being mentally focused and mentally prepared is the most vital part of their pre-competition routine. Although a weekly work out is not on the same scale as an Olympic race, the principle is the same! Visualize what you would like to achieve, think about your long term goals (whether that’s fitting into a smaller dress, being able to run in a faster time, or simply being fitter and healthier for your family) and picture the short term outcome you’re hoping to achieve from today’s work out. The most focused your mind is the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

Day 70 Stacia’s Fitness Update

I am not going to lie its been a tough challenge. It’s been 70 days since I started on this mission. I have not worked out every day during the 70 days I have had a day or two breaks and some cheat days.

I did do a 60 day video update that you can find here.

I started this challenge Sept 1st, and have been making great progress thanks to Joe coming with me to the gym every morning. But I quick realize my selfishness of wanting to have him with me was effecting his workouts.

So, as of October 1st a friend of mine had reached out and really wanted to help me with my goals. Debbie Smith-Potts owner of Fitness Forward Studio in downtown bellevue.

It has been very inspiring going in to her group training sessions and the hour just goes by sooo fast. I am not really a morning person but I have changed that story and it’s the first thing I think about getting ready and off to the gym at 5:30am. Prime Millionairess Hour! The time where all millionaires get there fitness done lol… Maybe not all but I know a lot of them do get up early and do some type of moving to stay in tip top shape.

One thing that has come to my attention is that I need more sleep. I am an entrepreneur and I get a ton of ideas and inspiration that flows through me that I can’t sleep. I used to say sleeping was overrated I got stuff to do. But am I really doing life changing stuff or am I just doing busy work. I know I can be more productive, happy and clear if I create a new sleeping habit. Recently heard a great talk by Arianna Huffington on how to be successful? Get More Sleep. Simple but great advice. I am going to be making that change asap!

Workout Today – 7am -8:40am
5min Cardio
3min Row
Crunches – 15, 10, 10, 15, 10, 10
Lat Pull Down 66lbs – 10
Pull Up Hang
Rope #4 2:30sec
20lb Pull over – 20
Planks High – 1:30sec
Low Planks – 30 sec
Jumping Jacks – 2:00min
Up Up Down Downs – 20, 20
V Ups – 20, 20
20lb weights side bends 20
Bike 10min
SW – 16, 15, 15, 15
Crunches 30, 30, 30, 30
Bench leg lifts 40
15min Cardio MMA


I am back on the MMA machine I love this machine not sure why I been avoiding it lately. But it’s fun it tells you to FIGHT and you do intervals and the intensity gets high for about 30 seconds and the rests and so on… It’s really fun and at one point it says your bleeding lol…

It feels great to write and share with you again. I am back to writing down my workouts and my food log. Sending them to my trainer Debbie. It is always good to be accountable. If you want to workout with me and Fitness Forward Studio family. Contact Debbie and let her know I referred you! The more the merrier.

Let’s be proactive during the holiday’s and get started today. I am committed not only for myself, but for my family they deserve to have me at my best.

What are you fighting for today? Let’s do this!

DXA Testing Tomorrow – The Predictions Are In

Super excited for tomorrow’s DXA body composition testing at The Washington Institute of Sports Medicine in Kirkland.

DXA-EQUIPMENT-300-DPI2Both Stacia and I are going to be tested and we’ve each made some guesses to where we stand.  Stacia has been eating “kinda clean” for over a year, but about a month ago started working out and eating much better.  She started off more than a little out of shape at about 160 lbs, but has gained some muscle in the past month and lost around 5 lbs overall. Continue reading

Cooking with Avocado Oil For Your Health

Avocado Oil from Chosen FoodsMore and more health experts are starting to extoll the benefits of cooking with avocado oil.  Avocado itself is considered a “superfood” for it’s health benefits. being a source of healthy fats, so it is only natural that the oil from the fruit would also be healthy.

Not only is avocado oil the healthiest oil to cook with, it is also being increasingly favored by gourmet chefs for two other reasons:  it does not burn when cooking at high heat – and there is not much of a taste that would mask the taste of the food being cooked (this is frequently a challenge with olive oil). Continue reading