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Man and Woman Fitness

The First two Steps Towards Fitness For Men And Women

Man and Woman FitnessFitness is big business. And, a big employer too. Millions of dollars are spent by people in order to achieve fitness. Thousands of fitness professionals guide others to attain fitness by espousing many different ways to achieve fitness. How effective are these? At least some of them must be good, we concede. We do not know for sure but here is a two-step procedure, nothing complicated, to start with. Once get into the groove, we are sure you will graduate on to more complicated and effective exercises.

The First Step

Weight training should always start with barbells. Not only will the four exercises namely, deadlifts, bench presses, back squats and overhead presses give you enough strength to carry out your daily tasks but will prepare you for the fitness regime you Continue reading

Bellevue Luxury Real Estate A New Day Real Estate

A New Day Real Estate logoIf you are looking to buy or sell luxury real estate in Bellevue Washington or on the Eastside of Lake Washington, you will want to call A New Day Real Estate.

The real estate business is not easy, especially when trying to build or buy a house, the process gets fierce and intense. Changing trends in real estate business has complicated the market in a sense that when you go into the business blindly, chances are; you will never find the good home you have always coveted. For people seeking to buy homes, it is always wise to find qualified real estate firms or agents to help go through the rigorous business. Going into the business on your own is so dangerous, since the process entails so many procedures and documentation, which require qualified personnel to deal with.

Hiring the exceptional services of a luxury real estate agent would be a great way to kick-start your journey to start-of-the-art home, a home that will leave happiness in your heart for decades to come. People who hire mediocre real estate agents suffer a lot of disappointment. Barely after a few months of staying in their new homes, regrets knock hard on their doors; they wish they had not approached the realty firm or the real estate agent they hired. Advisably, you need exceptional real estate agent when planning to buy a home or a house, something you can only find in the services of luxury real estate agent.

Time is a limited resource and need to be saved at all cost. With a luxury real estate agent, it becomes easy to free up some of your limited time to attend to other important matters. The agent can help handle most of the tasks involved in real estate business. For instance, when planning to buy a house, it is likely that you don’t understand step by step procedures of going through the venture. But with a luxury real estate agent, it is easy, as the agent can help you with important information and interpretation of various realty terms, which you obviously don’t understand.

Honesty, transparency, and competence are some of the things that you can be sure of when dealing with luxury real estate agent. Many real estate agents today lack ethical principles when dealing with their clients, something that makes luxury real estate agent unique and exceptional. Here, business is run professionally and in good faith. The aim is not extorting money clients, but to help them find good homes; homes that will provide conducive places for the entire family, with easy access to social amenities such as schools, hospital, and shopping centers.

Therefore, avoid disappointments and regrets and hire luxury real estate agent for a chance to get the good home you deserve.

A New Day Real Estate
14404 NE 31st Street Suite K105
Bellevue, WA 98007
(425) 409-9982


Vanity Fair, Leon Max and Benedikt Taschen honored Annie Leibovitz for the launch of her new, Sumo-size Taschen book

Vanity Fair, Leon Max and Benedikt Taschen honored Annie Leibovitz for the launch of her new, Sumo-size Taschen book

Vanity Fair and Leon Max, along with Taschen Books’s Benedikt Taschen, hosted a party last night in honor of Annie Leibovitz’s new limited-edition, SUMO-size Taschen book, Annie Leibovitz. Held at the Chateau Marmont, the event benefited the nonprofit organization Donors Choose. Guests enjoyed Grey Goose cocktails throughout the night, while listening to the tunes of D.J. Ms. Nix.

Top 10 Fashion Tips For Clueless Men

Photo: becauseclothing

Gone are the days when the word fashion had nothing to do with male of the species. With the advent of the word metrosexual came a plethora of fashion accessories for men. It seemed a little funny in the beginning but it came into its own in a short while. Now, it is serious business worldwide. You can no longer afford to be nonchalant primarily because ladies expect you to be fashionable. So, how do you go about being acceptable to the ladies but at the same time not overdo it? Haven’t a clue?  Let us get you up to date. Continue reading

November No Excuses

Getting a Head Start For Your Workout

November No ExcusesBy Melissa Waterson

Getting a Head Start For Your Workout

The holidays are approaching, and if you want to look your absolute best for all of those festive parties then it’s time to get up and get moving! Been a while since your last work out, or looking to get more out of your workout routine? Then it pays to get prepared. If you want to get the most out of your work out then you need to prepare your body nutritionally, and prepare your mind too. You won’t be able to push yourself hard during your workout routine if you aren’t able to focus and concentrate, and if you don’t have the right levels of energy. So what can you do to prepare for your work out? Well these simple tips will take no time at all to incorporate into your routine, and will stand you in good stead for enjoying the best workout you’ve ever had!

Ask the Doctor!

If you’ve never worked out before, or you’re returning to exercise after a long break then it’s best to get the all clear from your doctor before you begin. This is particularly important if you’ve recently had surgery, are currently pregnant or have recently had a baby. Your doctor will be able to check your current fitness levels and give you a full physical examination. He or she will also be able to talk to you about your anticipated workout routine and  offer some tips about the best and healthiest way to proceed.

Schedule Your Work Out

This may seem obvious, but one of the main reasons people stop working out, or fail to achieve their work out goals is simply because they don’t make the time to work out regularly. Schedule your workout, and ensure you make time to exercise as regularly as possible. Make fitting exercise into your day a priority: block out time in your calendar so that you have no excuse not to head to the gym and achieve your goals. By knowing when you are going to be working out in advance, you can also ensure your body is as prepared as possible to get the most out of your work out period. On the subject of planning, you should also plan what you want to do when you get to the gym and start your work out: is today a weights day or a cardio day? Is today the day for your yoga class? You’ll save vital time and be more motivated if you know what you’re planning to do in advance.

Eat and Drink the Right Things

You should never work out on an empty stomach, or you simply won’t have the energy you need to get through your workout routine. And if you’re hungry you won’t have any enthusiasm for exercise anyway! Try to have a healthy and balanced meal approximately an hour before you begin exercising. The perfect combination is a meal that consists of 20% lean protein (such as chicken or fish) 60% low glycemic carbohydrates, and 20% healthy fats. You could also consider a natural pre-exercise energy boost by consuming a workout specific energy drink prior to your workout, to give you a lift and an extra push as you begin your exercise routine. The right supplement will help to release energy throughout your workout. On the subject of fluids, ensure you drink plenty of water before and throughout your work out to ensure you stay as hydrated as possible. This will help to improve your concentration levels and keep you focused for the duration of your workout.

Focus Your Mind

Finally, some of the world’s most successful athletes maintain that being mentally focused and mentally prepared is the most vital part of their pre-competition routine. Although a weekly work out is not on the same scale as an Olympic race, the principle is the same! Visualize what you would like to achieve, think about your long term goals (whether that’s fitting into a smaller dress, being able to run in a faster time, or simply being fitter and healthier for your family) and picture the short term outcome you’re hoping to achieve from today’s work out. The most focused your mind is the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

Go Red For Women

Red Is the Color of the Season, and You Can Wear It Again and Again!

Go Red For Womenby Melissa Waterson

Red Is the Color of the Season, and You Can Wear It Again and Again!

Christmas is fast approaching, and stores across the nation are gearing up to promote the very latest in holiday fashions and trends. Christmas is the perfect time of year to buy a red dress: red is the color of the festive season, and will look perfect teamed with a Santa Claus hat and a little sparkle for all of your holiday parties. Looking for a reason to spend a little more on that perfect red dress you’ve got your eye on? Then here is the perfect excuse:

Wear Your Christmas Dress Again For National Wear Red Day

Once you’ve found your dream red dress you can wear it again to show your support for heart disease sufferers on National Wear Red Day, an event organized by National charity The Heart Truth. National Wear Red Day is on the first Friday of February every year, giving you plenty of time to get your gown dry cleaned in the New Year. In 2014 it will fall on February 4, just ten days before Valentine’s Day, which is another great opportunity to take that red frock out for a spin. The aim of the day is to raise awareness about the risk of heart disease for women. Did you know that in the United States heart disease is the number one killer of women, and yet many of these deaths are entirely preventable? According to Kwikmed, some of the main causes of heart disease are regularly eating an unhealthy diet, not taking regular exercise, being overweight and smoking: all problems that sadly affect women leading sedentary lifestyles across the country right now. By wearing red you will not only be promoting this worthy cause you will also be showing off your fashion credentials: red is bang on trend, and was one of the hottest colors on the runways at the last Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week.

Designers Showcasing Red Dresses

Several designers showcased fiery red as a red hot trend for fall/winter 2013. Vivienne Westwood channeled red in her trademark punk style by working with red leather and bold red tartans. Donnatella Versace went for a similar anarchic punk theme for her unforgettable collection, and red was a strong color feature in the Versace haute couture shows. Ralph Lauren and Diane Von Furstenberg sent a more sleek and streamlined woman in red down their runways, focusing on clean lines and coordinating accessories. The shades of red varied wildly, although vibrant pillar box red was a popular recurrent theme.

If you’re looking to invest in a red dress of your own remember to pick a shade that will complement your skin tone best, rather than just following trends and picking the most fashionable shade, which might not necessarily suit you. If you have fair skin and fair hair then look for reds with blue undercurrents which will compliment your complexion and not add any extra redness to your complexion. If you have darker hair and a warmer complexion then you can sport spicier reds with more orangey undertones. These shades are also particularly flattering to darker skin. Why not add a pop of vibrant red lipstick for the ultimate in color coordination? When you wear a bold red look like this you can guarantee that you’ll have all eyes on you.

Hot Color, High Fashion

Every February, during New York Fashion Week, the high fashion industry joins forces with The Heart Truth to organize a fashion show and display some spectacular vibrant red creations to raise money and awareness for the charity. The fashion show first launched in 2003 and has been held every year since. High profile designers such as Donna Karen, Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta design red gowns especially for the event and celebrities clamor to both attend and walk in the show. So why not show your high fashion credentials by using this holiday season as the perfect opportunity to hit the shops and buy a fabulous red dress? With so many celebrities doing just that you’ll be in good company. And if you find the perfect dress you can buy it safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to wear it again and again!

PM Digital Releases 4th Annual Trend Report: 2013 Luxury Brands Online

 PM DigitalLuxury retail is defined by the total, tactical experience whether shopping in stores or online.  Consumers expect to be wowed by every interaction, and they expect the same perfection, personal attention and level of service whether on a brand’s website, social media page or in-store, and whether on a tablet, smartphone or laptop according to a study just released by PM Digital, a New York based digital marketing agency.

This is among the findings in PM Digital’s Trend Report: Luxury Brands Online, which analyzes the state of luxury e-tail and predicts how emerging digital platforms and social media trends will impact the industry.

“One of the aspects that makes this report so interesting is the way in which search and social marketing practices of luxury brands differ from that of other retail categories,” said Suzy Sandberg, President of PM Digital’s Global Digital Media division. ”Whereas some luxury brands may be slower than non-luxury retail brands in adopting ecommerce, the sophistication of their social marketing and fan growth counts far outpaces their wider retail industry counterparts. This is just one example of how the luxury category behaves differently and why it’s important to drill deeply into this particular vertical in order to understand the nuances that support their unique goals.”

According to the report, all digital channels- paid and organic search, email, social and display- will have a major effect on luxury brands as they increasingly shift toward mobile and omnichannel offerings. Mobile will become even more integrated with the live experience of in-store shopping than online already is, since consumers can now access their favorite brands at any time by reaching into their pocket or purse.

Additional key findings from the study reveal:

  • Traffic to luxury brand sites is up 10% in 2013 YTD.
  • The five largest luxury brands (Ralph Lauren, Coach, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and Gucci) captured 75% of traditional online market share and 68% of mobile market share.
  • Search engines remain the largest source of traffic to luxury brand sites, accounting for 51% of all visits.  This dependency outpaces that of the broader apparel and accessories category.
  • Nearly all major luxury fashion companies now offer e-commerce, but too many are still leaving traffic on the table by not running paid search campaigns.
  • Handbags and shoes are the most popular products driving search clicks for luxury brands.  Most of these searches include brand words, indicating a high degree of brand loyalty and decisiveness, although a higher-funnel marketing channel may also have driven them to search.
  • Luxury brands are largely absent on Google Product Listing Ads at this point. However, luxury products often appear with department store or multi-brand reseller’s Product Listing Ads.
  • Luxury consumers are among the most-connected demographic groups, with twice the smartphone ownership rate as the general population.
  • Social media accounts for 6% of traditional web traffic to luxury brands, and nearly all of it stems from Facebook and YouTube.  Many brands have also achieved sizeable, and still growing, audiences on Twitter, Tumblr etc. Engagement on these sites is mainly disconnected from visits to brand sites, but that is less true in a mobile environment.

About PM Digital:

PM Digital, a digital business of Paradysz, Inc., is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in Paid Search, SEO, Social Media, Display Advertising, Shopping Feed Management, Email Marketing, Web Analytics and Creative. Through customized, high-touch campaigns, we grow our clients’ business online. Our talent, technology and industry knowledge enables our clients to consistently achieve YOY growth. Clients come from a variety of sectors, including retail, finance, insurance and travel, among others. PM Digital is headquartered in New York and also has offices in California, Arizona, South Carolina, Idaho and New Jersey. For more information on PM Digital’s thought leadership, visit


INTERMIX to Open New Fashion Space in Bellevue Square October 30th

IMIX_Bellevue-InteriorAccording to a story at, INTERMIX will be opening their newest retail location at a luxury mall in Bellevue, Washington:

Multi-brand fashion retailer, INTERMIX, has announced the Fall 2013 opening of its newest door: a 2,072-square-foot space in the luxury shopping center The Bellevue Collection in Bellevue, WA.

Located at 575 Bellevue Square, among neighbors including Burberry, Michael Kors, Tiffany & Co. and Vince, the well-edited boutique stocks the retailer’s signature array of up-and-coming and established designer apparel at various price points, in addition to an unparalleled selection of exclusive designer product in categories such as jewelry, accessories and apparel, specifically tailored to the neighborhood.  INTERMIX boasts 36 stores throughout North America, including New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Chicago and Toronto. Each boutique offers a distinct, innovative and intimate shopping experience.

Among its irresistible, seasonal staples, the INTERMIX boutique at The Bellevue Collection outpost will offer chic, on-trend must-haves from designers including Yigal Azrouel, 10 Crosby by Derek Lam, Gig Brasil, Nicholas, L’Agence, Ohne Titel, rag & bone, Helmut Lang, ALC, Mason, J Brand, Equipment, Herve Leger, Alexis Bittar, Loeffler Randall, Giuseppe Zanotti and Sergio Rossi.

In 1993, with the opening of their first door in Manhattan’s Flatiron district, Founder Khajak Keledjian established a tremendously successful retail model focused on individualistic dressing, evolved personal style and superior client service.  Since inception, INTERMIX has delivered a carefully edited range of exciting styles, mixing lasting luxuries with of-the-moment pieces to create an exceptional, compelling fashion perspective.

“INTERMIX is a source of inspiration for women who seek fashion and crave the most desirable styles of the season,” states Khajak Keledjian, Chief Executive Officer.  “Our specific fashion perspective and unique offerings from designer labels and emerging talent ensure we’ll be a dynamic destination within the Seattle area.”


575 Bellevue Square

Bellevue, WA 98004

This 2,072-square-foot boutique located at The Bellevue Collection will deliver chic, relaxed luxuries. The exterior will feature a metal and wood clad storefront which will mirror the interiors clean and sophisticated features. INTERMIX brings an industrial vibe via the boutique’s stone flooring, polished stainless steel fixtures, leather and wood tabletops and natural stone countertops at the cashwrap.

About Intermix

Established in 1993, Intermix is a multi-brand fashion retailer with a compelling and unique point-of-view. Intermix offers a curated mix of on-trend, irresistible pieces that celebrate each customer’s personal sense of style with an intimate, individualized approach at more than 30 boutiques across the United States and Canada and online at The assortment focuses on the most exciting fashion trends and the finest mix of emerging and established designers.

Intermix is regarded for its philosophy of mixing fashionable pieces in unexpected ways, offering the most coveted designers and sought-after styles from the industry’s best brands. In addition to its vast array of seasonal must-haves, Intermix sets itself apart by offering a broad array of exclusive designer products.  Intermix was acquired by Gap Inc. (NYSE: GPS) in December 2012 and is part of the Growth, Innovation and Digital division.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster – a collector’s Masterpiece of Engineering and Design

Lamborghini Veneno RoadsterAs a further highlight of its 50th anniversary year, Automobili Lamborghini is presenting one of the most exceptional super sports cars of all time. The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is an open racing prototype with an extreme design and breathtaking performance. And it is one of the world’s most exclusive automobiles – not more than nine units will be built during the course of 2014 and sold at a price of 3.3 million Euros (excl. tax). Continue reading

What Are The Best Men’s Loafers in the World?

Berluti Andy LoafersA short time ago, I wrote about being Fashionably Challenged and wanting to transform to Fashionably Chic.  Quite a leap for a guy who is comfortable in Levis, t-shirts and sneakers, shorts, tanks and flip flops.  But I’ve got to start somewhere – and the way I figure it, I should probably start from the ground up:  with shoes.

I know there are a lot of different styles of shoes to choose from and since I don’t yet have a huge wardrobe budget, I am going to focus on first getting a really good pair of loafers.  The reason that I am choosing loafers to start with is that I am frequently going in and out of houses where I take my shoes off and I don’t want to spend a lot of time tying and untying shoes.

Now that I’ve decided to focus on loafers, I need to choose a brand and design.
Save up to 60% on men’s shoes at NORDSTROM.
Continue reading